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Looking for impressive career in 2018

The market has changed very dynamically in last few months, whether it was demonetization, GST and International environment effects, It has also bring challenges as well as great opportunities .Now the Job market becomes very competitive.

So getting a job at this moment, what is the most important skills you need?

It is interview skills, first to enter in any job, one has to qualify interviews(with huge competition, limited positions with more number of skilled candidates), onlythen he/she can show their other skills.

We have seen that many candidates(specially experienced professionals) with good communication skills,knowledge and relevant experiences are not able to qualify interviews...not onetime but several times.

Just ask one question to yourself “are interviewers not looking for good and talented candidates? Thus by they were very impressed with you credentials on your resumes and called you for the interview...then why you were not selected...Think...Think.

The reason, you are not taking interview skills seriously and you are taking it for granted but to getting a job, you should master the interview skills first.

Now even the interview taking style has also changed, you need to learn new ways of interview skills professionally,old techniques are irrelevant these days.

Tell me how many times you have invested in yourself to grow in your professional career?How many personal training's have you taken, specially to get a better job and growth in career?

What is more important for investment" costly mobiles,clothes and other costly items" or to invest in personal growth which can help to grow in your career and you are able to earn huge money? think...think.Do not waste your time trying yourself, which you have done already so many time,now try to learn it professionally ( be true to yourself) new ways of interview skills and make sure you to be the preferred choice of the employer :

Advantages of Interview Coaching for Professionals.

Disadvantages of not taking interview coaching for professionals.

100 times more chances to qualify  any kind of interview in any industry.

Appeared in interviews not qualified because of non-preparation(every profiles needs different kind of preparations).

Will increase your financial position.

Now you are not eligible to give another interview in these companies/Industries before 6 months subject to availability of the positions.

Better position and respect in Society.

Market is very competitive, fewer positions are available, and for 1 position there are more than 15 candidates.

Able to fulfil your dreams.

Losing money, if you are not selected in first attempt, you may lose 40 to 50% on your CTC and will be behind by at least 2 years in your professional life.

Able to support your family without any financial worries.

 Your colleagues may move ahead from you.

You are able to beat competition by taken professional interview coaching and you can move far ahead from others in your professional and personal life.

 Losing opportunities: Career Growth, Financial growth.

Conclusion: what is good for him/her by paying a small fee to learn new ways of interview cracking or losing opportunities to grow well in career and the financial part (in which  you are losing 50% of CTC growth).


How we do it:

1: 3 sessions of one hour each through Skype or telephone.

2: Every Session will have the gap of minimum of two days.

3: After sessions candidates have six months’ time, if they have any questions then they can ask from us.



What it includes:

• It is one to one,customized coaching and research material is given to the candidates

• Skpye training is given for the best results.

• Panel of experts help you to success .

Outcome of the interview coaching:      

Jobs do not land always to the most qualified  and experience candidates but to the one who is willing to learn new skills and prove himself in new and challenging environment.

• This Coaching will give you surety of qualifying any kind of  Job Interviews.*

• By this training you can beat any kind of competition by handling logical questions in  interview.

• After the training, you can apply for any good jobs in your industry or in respected        fields by understand the skills that employers look for.

Benefit of our Interview Coaching is that you will get better paying jobs,great career    and good social status.

• Industry knowledge and career path.

When you can be on the road of success then why to compromise on low .Get prepared for the interview and to qualify it in India and in International Market.

Our clients who trained by us got more than 2 jobs offers from different organizations!

We have coached more than 1200 professionals till date.

Training package INR 6,000 Onwards.

* Depends on the handwork and seriousness of the candidates.


Interview Coaching:

• Personal approach
Training includes personalized one
   to one discussion.

• Confidence build up
Helps to increase your    confidence,communications skills and

• Content:
Data to increase your knowledge

  How dose it works?

• A Trainer shall be assigned to you.
• One to one training session through
• Need based study material shall be    provided through the email.

    : +91- 8377016280
    : Career.services@rkmg.in

      (9.30 Am to 6.00 Pm)
        Between Mon to Fri
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