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RKMG allows you to be a member of its professional community platform “RKMG Community”,

Member means a person who has paid the yearly membership fee and is allowed to use RKMG technical platform to post their professional feed’s, videos, PPT’s, can give advertisements for their products in video, picture, text formats and also post job openings for his/her organization.

RKMG Community is a paid technological platform of RKMG for professionals to get jobs, to build professional network, to give advertisements for their products and services with renewal of membership every year. Members can post or share only professional feeds, posts, video and other professional information’s.

Any post found objectionable and violation of the terms and condition with RKMG can be deleted/ membership can be terminated and legal action will be taken. There will be an amendment in terms and conditions of RKMG Community as an when required. All the members are abiding by the term and conditions of RKMG community.