Welcome to RKMG community

RKMG Community is India’s first Video based paid professional networking platform having 4 objects:
1-Candidates can get direct jobs posting from the companies.
2-Business person can promote their products and services.
3-Trainings on different types of industries (live video sessions).
4-Person can build a professional network by interacting with the members through video interactions.

RKMG Community is professional networking technological platform for professional to connect with each other and to support each other.

The Mission and Vision of RKMG community are:

“Through RKMG lots of job seekers will get direct job postings from the companies, so they will get better opportunities in India and International market”.

“Business persons can get the right kind of audiences for their products & services.
They can promote their products & Services through video advertisements.

“Real life learning through groups of professionals, who will be working on professional challenges and vocational courses through live video conferencing, aim to make more professionals skilful, so they can work with any types of companies.