Benefits :

    For Job seekers:

    • While applying for jobs which will be posted by different company’s professionals at RKMG community through video advertisement, afterwards if job seeker receives interview call then the probability of selection will be much higher because decision makers have seen their video profiles of 90 seconds.
    • It can save lot of time, money and energy for Job seekers, we have seen so many times that lot of Job seekers were rejected in their first round of interviews, so first round of screening will be done on the basis of your video profile and written credentials.

    For HR professionals:

    • HR professionals can save lot of interviewing time after seeing the video profiles of the job seekers.
    • HR professionals can find the right professionals for their jobs and they can also post video adverts to communicate what kind of candidates they are looking for.

    For Business leads:

    • This is a paid community, so business professionals can find lots of professionals across the globe, who have the capacity to buy their product and services.
    • Business people can place their video advertisements for their products & services on RKMG Community web page.

    For real life educations/Training’s:

    • We will work on lots of real-life case studies, which can solve the corporate world challenges.
    • We have tie-ups with different types of institutes, B-schools and professionals, who can design customized pieces of practical training, which can increase skills of professionals according to the market. (All pieces of training will be given by live video conferencing).

    Professional networking:

    • 2 meetings in a month to connect live with your professional connects, which can increase a trust and confidence amongst the members.
    • Professional can build his/her professional brand.
    • Increase their knowledge, improve personality while interacting with talented professionals.
    • All the meetings will be through live video conferencing, which can be done on convenience of the members.

    More Benefits to Members :

  • Paid Video Conferencing Meeting .
  • 2 months free on the membership.
  • In future RKMG community members will get group health insurance (Premium has to be paid by members only, members are eligible for this health insurance till they are active member of RKMG community).
  • All members will get additional discounts from more companies on their products and services (This is for active members only)