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GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviour

₹ 295

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In Get Out of Your Own Way, authors Dr Goulston and Goldberg unmask deep-seated self-defeating behaviours rooted in our childhood experiences of being alone and defenceless. The underlying causes of self-defeating behaviours are explained with simple action tips to achieve the victory of impulse over awareness, immediate gratification over lasting satisfaction and relief over resolution. While it may not be easy to recognize or admit that we get in our own way, and harder still to take responsibility for getting out of our way, if we are smart, resolving life issues can be achieved with simple, yet powerful and proven strategies without visiting an expensive therapist! Powerful practical insights that can help many to live more rewarding lives

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Dimensions And Weight
Height: 1.12 cm
Width: 12.85 cm
Weight: 250 kg
Depth: 19.84 cm
Delivery by :31-May-2024| ₹22500 |

Seller:Rupa Publications India

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