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“I recommend this book to anyone seeking to find meaning in a life undone by loss, or looking for compassionate counsel…” From the Foreword by Dr Robert A. Neimeyer Loss, death and bereavement are inevitable to human life. Equally true is the human capacity to grow strength in the garden of sorrow, and seek the path of deep growth, transformation and grace, in the midst of grief and pain. Neena Verma, a Grief and Growth specialist and a bereaved mother herself, offers an in-depth and engaging book, that guides the way to transform grief journey into growth and grace pilgrimage. Her six-phase GROWTH Mandala model is the key highlight of this book. The first two chapters in the Part 1 (Maze of Grief) of the book explore the complex phenomena of loss, trauma and grief. The seven chapters in the Part 2 (Mystique of Growth) of the book begin by laying an insightful foundation about post-traumatic growth; and show evocative and practical ways to accept loss, affirm grief, adapt with resilience, restore well-being, grow and transform at a deep level, and reconstruct life with meaning and grace. The two chapters in the final Part 3 (Marvel of Grace) bring to light the self-transcendent approach to Forgiveness in the context of grief, and the GRACE Way of gratitude, reverence for life, saying YES to life, compassion, and essence of life. The book culminates with on a prayerful poetic note. An abundance of inspiring vignettes; reflective, therapeutic-writing and expressive-arts exercises; poetic affirmations and more awaits you in the book. This book is for you, if you believe an affirmative and resilient life-view can help transform pain to purpose, and grow strength in the garden of sorrow. And this book is for you, if you are keen to facilitate deep existential growth for yourself and others, whether or not in grief. Welcome aboard the pilgrimage of faith, hope, strength, wisdom, meaning, growth, love and grace.

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